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About Us

We provide high quality products to our customers (irrespective of their caste and creed) and empower them to build assets of lasting value.

7+ Experience

Taqwa Credit Cooperative society Ltd, known as “Taqwa Financial services” has empowered in to Taqwa Islamic Banking Services and announced commencement of their first registered Head Office in Bhatkal and the first Branch from October 04th 2015 to represent the first Islamic Banking Model in India. After a successful operation in Bhatkal, Taqwa obtained license for the state of Karnataka and established their first Corporate office and second Branch in Jayanagar Bangalore on March 24, 2018, successfully. Taqwa has now obtained NOC from RCS Karnataka for Multi-state license of six states namely; Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra and Telangana for which operational procedures are under process to receive permission from Centre in New Delhi.

Our Vision

A Viable Islamic Financial Solution for the Benefit and Good of Society in India.

Our Mission

To build up a Strong Islamic Bank for delivering valuable Financial Products and Services to our Valued Customers.

Our Values

Very transparent, Appealing to customers, Legitimate, Utility for mutual benefits, Excellence hospitality, Simple and sensible.

About the Founder

Dr Mohamed Sayeed Shingeri

Dr. Mohamed Sayeed Shingeri MBA, Ph.D. from Halifax University in the state of Wyoming, USA. He was born Oct 1, 1955 in Bhatkal, Karnataka, India. He is author of two books in Islamic Banking. He has worked for Multinational Banks and gained rich experience of 2 decades of which Royal Bank of Canada 20 years as a head of 'Unit Financial Control', National Bank of Abu Dhabi in Islamic Banking as a senior position for two years and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank as a head of 'Policies and Procedures” for three years, while he had been extensively researching in the field of Islamic banking for 30 years guided fully by the highest Shari'a Authority of India Qazi Moulana Mujahidul Islam Al Qasimi and Moulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi.

About his Works

Dr Shingeri has authored many books on Islamic Banking. His recent book on “A Practical Model of Islamic banking” has been well received. The book has been published by White Paper Publications.
Dr Shingeri worked for Multinational banks and gained rich experience of 3 decades in banking in Islamic countries. He has extensively done research in the field of “Islamic Banking and Finance” along with the highest Shari’a authority of India, late Qazi Moulana Mujahidul Islam Al Qasimi.
Dr Shingeri has given many talks on Islamic Banking and participated in several conferences across the World.

Advisory Board

The Shari’a Committee will consist of a minimum seven and maximum eleven Scholars of India or abroad. The renowned Scholars from India are

  • Hazrath Moulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani
  • Hazrath Moulana Mufti Atique Ahmed Darul-Uloom Nadwatul Ulma
  • Hazrath Moulana Farooque Qazi
  • Hazrath Moulana Anisurahman

Meet our team

  • Dr. Mohammed Sayeed Shingeri


  • Mohammed Faez Shingeri

    CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

  • Mohammed Salman Shingeri

    COO (Chief Operating Officer)

  • Syes Tanuf Barmawer

    CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

  • Sibah Shingeri

    CPO (Chief Product Officer)

  • Anasir Pasha

    Marketing Executive

  • Ganesh V Mestha

    Customer Service Officer

  • Muzamil Pasha

    Marketing Executive

  • Sagar PS

    Senior Operation Officer

  • Shaik Mohammed Nouman

    Customer Service Officer